Local Attractions

There is little doubt that Carrick is one of the hidden gems of Irish tourism. It has a range of local attractions that are full of interest but not heavily trafficked. Click on each of the links to take you to the ones we believe are the most interesting.

The River Suir

A popular pastime with both locals and visitors alike is what’s simply known as “a walk up the bank” The “bank” is the bank of the river Suir and from Carrick itself you can walk almost all the way to the village of Kilsheelan 13 kilometres away!


The river Suir walk will take you almost to Kilsheelan. PIC: Gerry Gannon

The river Suir rises on the slopes of Devil’s Bit Mountain, just north of Templemore and runs into the Atlantic Ocean at Waterford some 185 kilometres later.

It’s a great trout fishing river and was once replete with big salmon. Their number has declined in recent years but (if you have a licence) you can still pull one in!